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IMAG sonoma residence (1).jpg
Marta Fry Landscape Associates (presently Munden Fry Landscape Associates)
Role: Project Manager

CEARA Studio is passionate about landscape architectural projects that entrust the firm's creativity and design goals to enhance the environment and appearance for it's Clients and habitants of the built spaces.

CEARA Studio offers highly personal design services from pre-design (conception) through completion and all phases and collaborative efforts for its Clients both in private and public arenas.

CEARA Studio is eager for collaborative opportunities in association with architectural, design and construction firms seeking to expand a project team's expertise.

CEARA Studio is experienced in private residential, multi-use, and commercial developments in more than 150 projects at varying positions throughout the team's career.

IMAG esprit park (20).jpg
Landscape Office (presently Lemon Brooke)
Role: Project Manager
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